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Academic Editing and Proofreading Services

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When you're writing an academic thesis or essay, it's not just the quality of your research that determines your overall grade. Your teachers will also be looking for perfect spelling and grammar and adherence to their preferred academic style (for example, MLA or Chicago.) At, our editors and proofreaders know how to make an academic thesis or paper shine. Our academic editing and proofreading professionals will:

1. Correct any spelling mistakes in your document. It doesn't matter if you're in middle school or graduate school: nothing will push your grades lower than a page that's riddled with spelling errors.

2. Correct any errors in grammar and punctuation. Grammar is one of the hardest things to master in any language, but our expert proofreaders know the rules and will fix any grammatical or punctuation mistakes they find in your paper.

3. Ensure your document is written in an appropriate style. Academic writing needs to be clear, concise and direct. Our proofreaders know what teachers and graders expect, and will polish your document until it reads like a proper academic paper.

4. Check your footnotes, endnotes and bibliography. Mastering referencing is one of the hardest parts of academic writing, no matter what language you write in. Our editors will ensure your referencing is formatted correctly and adheres to academic standards.

5. Ensure your paper has a strong beginning. Your introduction is one of the two most important parts of any academic paper. Our editors will make sure that your introduction is interesting and gripping to read, and draws the reader into your document.

6. Give your paper a strong conclusion. Your conclusion is equal to your introduction in importance. Our editors will make sure that the results of your research or the findings of your paper are presented clearly and effectively, so your teachers have no difficulty assessing the quality and results of your research.

How can we guarantee such high-quality results? All our academic proofreading and editing staff are native speakers or fully bilingual, and they come from all kinds of academic backgrounds - the sciences, humanities, engineering, foreign languages, arts and more. They understand what graders are looking for in an academic paper, and they will edit your work until it's suitable for submission. 

If your work is at a higher level and you're looking to submit it to a journal or a grant program, rest assured -'s academic proofreaders and editors understand the standards and expectations of journal editors and grant reviewers.

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