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Business Editing & Proofreading Services

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Business Editing & Proofreading Services - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Spanish Writing Center provides professional business editing and proofreading services. Our high-quality business editing caters for businesses across a number of sectors including financial, legal and small business. We are committed to meeting the increasingly high demand for excellent editing from the business world. Our prices are amongst the most competitive in the business ensuring you achieve your highest editing goals without emptying your pockets. Our business editing services also extend to governmental institutions as well as non-governmental organizations.

You should consider us if you are in need to high-quality editors whose output will be free of grammatical errors. We have fast editors who have done this work for many years. If we commit to editing an assignment, it is in itself a guarantee to you that you will receive it well before the deadline. All members of our editing team have worked in the business world and bring with them practical business skills. These skills help them understand a wide range of business dealings to edit even the most complex business documents for each of our clients. They also have exemplary academic papers that serve as additional guarantees to our clients that quality will be delivered.

Our team is highly trained to provide proofreading services that adhere to the highest industry standards. We have proofread brochures, marketing materials, leaflets, company reports, business proposals, emails and letters to mention just a few. Every business executive knows time is money, that is why we make sure every penny you spend on our services is a worth investment. We make sure your presentations, memos, and manuals present your business and your ideas in the best and most logical way.

The business world understands the damage one typo could do to a business. We make sure your brand and reputation remains intact with every document presented to its workers, its shareholders or even the public. Rather than burden your staff with editing and proofreading tasks for your business documents, our services will allow you to give your staff other assignments that have a more immediate bearing on the realization of the company’s objectives. We also assure you that every document you send us is treated with the highest and strictest confidentiality. As you may have noted with our privacy policy, we value the privacy of our clients and their businesses.

Here are five reasons why you should use Spanish Writing Center for all your business editing and proofreading needs:

  • We adhere to the highest editing and proofreading standards
  • We treat your order with the urgency it requires
  • We have a money-back guarantee if we do not live up to our promise
  • All the editing and proofreading work is done in-house
  • Our customer service is available for more information about our services and to answer any question you might have.
Spanish Fiction and Non-Fiction Book Editing Services - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Book editing is a critical and decisive step in a manuscript publishing process even for seasoned and successful authors. This is because every book that comes into the bookshop shelf should have a competitive chance in the marketplace. For this to really happen, fiction and non-fiction book editing services combine knowledge and experiences of traditional book publishing to strengthen the content of your manuscript as well as fine tune technical elements like grammar, spelling and punctuation. The editing process also highlights and suggests bits of the manuscript that can use structural corrections.

Professional fiction and non-fiction book editing services can offer you among other things; complete fact-checking of your entire manuscript and edition of revisions that follow every subsequent edit. The identified errors are elaborately discussed with the author and upon their approval, retained in the final draft. Book editing services professionals normally go through the manuscript with particular eyes for grammatical mistakes as well as expected and unexpected inconsistencies. This helps ensure the book's staging or presentation is undeviating throughout the manuscript. Competent editors do also highlight text that seems erroneous, extraneous or repetitive.

The entire process usually is very collaborative and involves thorough consultation on all the edited versions. This allows the author's questions and concerns to be factored especially regarding the recommendations put forth by the editors after each edit. As an extra, fiction and non-fiction book editing services can help you acquire any necessary consent for reprinted work. Such materials normally include but are never limited to newspaper text or articles, song lyrics, poems and photos. This provision usually is dependent on the amount or percentage of the original source reprinted.

Writers may never admit it but editors actually help authors become better in their trade. Editors teach authors different ways of thinking and impart skills that can make their future books better. The essential parts of a manuscript that fiction and non-fiction book editing services can assist with include;

- Plot structure and story development.

- Readability and effectiveness of the message being conveyed.

- Fact-checking, formatting, indexing and marketability.

- Effective focus on the target audience.

- Proper voice, tone and dialogue development. understands that the editing process is supposed to improve the quality and bankability of your book irrespective of your chosen subject genre. The editing packages offered are therefore structured to effectively fortify and polish your manuscript. All this is done while ensuring the manuscript retains both its voice and your intentions for it as the manuscript's author.

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Academic Editing and Proofreading Services

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Academic Editing and Proofreading Services - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

When you're writing an academic thesis or essay, it's not just the quality of your research that determines your overall grade. Your teachers will also be looking for perfect spelling and grammar and adherence to their preferred academic style (for example, MLA or Chicago.) At, our editors and proofreaders know how to make an academic thesis or paper shine. Our academic editing and proofreading professionals will:

1. Correct any spelling mistakes in your document. It doesn't matter if you're in middle school or graduate school: nothing will push your grades lower than a page that's riddled with spelling errors.

2. Correct any errors in grammar and punctuation. Grammar is one of the hardest things to master in any language, but our expert proofreaders know the rules and will fix any grammatical or punctuation mistakes they find in your paper.

3. Ensure your document is written in an appropriate style. Academic writing needs to be clear, concise and direct. Our proofreaders know what teachers and graders expect, and will polish your document until it reads like a proper academic paper.

4. Check your footnotes, endnotes and bibliography. Mastering referencing is one of the hardest parts of academic writing, no matter what language you write in. Our editors will ensure your referencing is formatted correctly and adheres to academic standards.

5. Ensure your paper has a strong beginning. Your introduction is one of the two most important parts of any academic paper. Our editors will make sure that your introduction is interesting and gripping to read, and draws the reader into your document.

6. Give your paper a strong conclusion. Your conclusion is equal to your introduction in importance. Our editors will make sure that the results of your research or the findings of your paper are presented clearly and effectively, so your teachers have no difficulty assessing the quality and results of your research.

How can we guarantee such high-quality results? All our academic proofreading and editing staff are native speakers or fully bilingual, and they come from all kinds of academic backgrounds - the sciences, humanities, engineering, foreign languages, arts and more. They understand what graders are looking for in an academic paper, and they will edit your work until it's suitable for submission. 

If your work is at a higher level and you're looking to submit it to a journal or a grant program, rest assured -'s academic proofreaders and editors understand the standards and expectations of journal editors and grant reviewers.

Spanish ESL Editing and Proofreading Services - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 reviews

When you're writing in a second language, it's difficult to know if your grammar and spelling is perfect. In fact, even people writing in their first language often require editors and proofreaders! When you're writing an important document in your second language, you need a native English speaker to proofread your article to make it read clearly and succinctly. If you want your document to be word-perfect, our ESL editing and proofreading service is exactly what you're looking for. Our editors at will:
1. Correct any spelling errors in your document. It's difficult to perfect the spelling of a second language, and often the spellcheck function on your computer won't pick up mistakes; for example, it can't tell if you meant to say "there," "their," or "they're." Our expert editors will look at your writing in context to perfect your spelling.
2. Correct any grammatical errors in your document. It's easy to place commas, hyphens and ellipses where they don't belong, or to use long, run-on sentences that are tiring for the reader. Our editors are experts in grammar and know how to keep your reader hooked to the page.
3. Ensure that your sentences make sense. Every language has a different rhythm, and composing a sentence in your second language can be difficult. Our editors will use clues in your overall document to rebuild your sentences and help you to communicate exactly what you mean.
4. Minimize wordiness. Whether you've written a business document, an essay for school or college, or a fiction manuscript, you may have unintentionally included too many descriptive words or uncommon, unwieldy words in your document. Our editors will clarify your writing, cleaning up any overly wordy passages to improve the clarity of your document.
5. Focus on the reader's experience. Whoever your document is for, our editors and proofreaders can polish your writing until it's perfect for its intended audience. If you have a document that's related to your business or job, we will make your writing sound perfectly professional. If you're writing an essay for school or university, we will edit for an academic reader.
5. Maintain the style of your document. Sometimes an editor or proofreader is so overzealous that they remove all traces of an author's personal touch as they edit. Our editors don't do that - they simply clean up errors and areas that are unclear, allowing your writing style to shine through.
If you have a document, essay or manuscript in English that needs to be perfect,'s ESL proofreading and editing service is for you. Why not try it today?

The most discouraging thing about reading has to be bumping in to a spelling mistake, grammatical error or even a statement that does not make sense. The golden rule of keeping sentences short and simple in writing is applicable to all genres of literary works. When we are reading, we love natural flow that does not get distracted by mistakes that seem obvious to every other person. After writing, most people do not read through their work. In written communication, accuracy and correctness is very important. A single word inserted at the wrong place can change the meaning of your story or paper! It is however unfortunate that most writers cannot point out all the mistakes in their own writing. Spanish Writing Center offers Spanish editing and proofreading services for both scholarly and commercial publications.

Writers must never allow small mistakes run down the quality of their writing. They should either take their time to do editing and proofreading of their works or let a professional do that for them. Spanish Writing Center has a team of writers and editors who dedicate their time and energy to providing clients with Spanish editing and proofreading services. At Spanish Writing Center, we provide Spanish editing and proofreading services that are 100% reliable. Our writers have keen eye for detail and they take their work seriously. When doing editing and proofreading, they do not alter the meaning of your writing in any way. They just check for any errors that could make your document sound unnatural and the writer incompetent.

Our Writers.

Spanish Writing Center has writers and editors who are qualified to do editing and proofreading of your writing. Some of them have attained up to a PhD degree in the language. They understand Spanish language usage and structure and therefore are competent enough to provide Spanish editing and proofreading services. Our services are of a high quality because our professional writers and editors are native speakers of the language. They are better placed to check your work compared to other professionals who learned Spanish recently. That aside, Spanish editing and proofreading services are offered by professionals who have vast knowledge on a variety of subjects. Spanish Writing Center will definitely offer you excellent editing and proofreading services to match your needs at a fair price.

Why our Services.

Our editing and proofreading procedure are thorough and executed to perfection. Spanish Writing Center staff do not only rely on automated methods of editing and proof reading. They read through the client’s papers to the last word to ensure that there is no single mistake that is left to chance. Spanish editing and proof reading services are very reliable because they are customized to suit an individual’s specific needs. Writers and editors at Spanish Writing Center not only check for proper language use, they also ensure that choice of words, tone and mood set by the writer fits the subject of the writing.

Writers should not allow their works be penalized or be discredited because of small mistakes. Spanish Writing Center encourages students and other writers to take advantage of the Spanish editing and proofreading services to ensure that their writing is of excellent quality. We understand that it is sometimes very difficult for a writer to critically go through their own writing and therefore dedicate our time to editing and proofreading their works. 


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